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"After you reform the art of the theatre you must remake the life of  the theatre.”           -E. Gordon Craig, 1910

Mission Statement

To Re:Invent the American Theatre so it does not run on the commercial paradigm as it currently does. Instead of running on the Cineplex style system of presenting plays, we hope to produce  "great plays", as defined by the Group Theatre as being plays that are "propaganda for a better life." (Entertaining the audience is not enough, we must move them.)  Under the current structure, if these plays are not immediately a financial hit, their message is not afforded the time to be seen.  By structuring ourselves as an organization more akin to the ballet or even the public library, we can offer a public service that reaps success in terms of effectiveness and not monetarily.  Until we have a National Theatre, we hope to help fill the void.



ReGroup is a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit Organization formed in 2010. In the past few years, we've presented 9 full productions, dozens of staged readings and published 10 long out-of-print American classics. Though many other companies do a wonderful job of producing old plays as artifacts of museum pieces, we believe that a play must still pulse with fresh blood and be relevant. We've shocked many people with how timely a lost 80 year old play can be.

we hope that by exposing audiences, actors, directors and new playwrights to these poetic and well crafted plays, we are using the past to plant seeds for our theatre's future.