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ReGroup is NOT a museum.  We are a conudrum. it is easier to explain what we are not. Though we present plays that are often nearly a century old; there is no dust on these plays nor are they presented to feature any singular talent. There are too many other theatres to do that.  All of our productions focus on relevant events through heightened language and storytelling of a more articulate time by the best of american playwrights.

We cannot do that without you - so we are waiting for theatres to reopen to contune presenting work. We will not produce online works in hopes you'll throw a dollar our way, as much as we may need it.  We will not keep famous honorary members who promote such work, as much as we might need them.  we'd rather not present theatrical 'porn' and call it lovemaking. than to keep silent.   We will also not present blm plays as it is "in fashion." We've done that since day one as it was the right thing to do. We have presented tons of pro-union plays, yet we will not proudly represent a union that is anti-art and only makes our work more difficult. we will promise to be the antidote to broadway though it makes the impossible even harder.

American theatre HistoRY - carried forward!
Meaningful theatre

"Don't Miss Even One of Their Shows!" - Peter Filichia
          "An Artistic Earthquake!" - Paul Green Jr.